While researching a DSP related topic, Google dug up an excellent article, written by Hideo Okawara, that is just one part of a series of ~53. I was ready for more!

Originally written for Verigy, the series is now hosted by Advantest. But hosting it pretty much where it ends. Each article has a link that’s dedicated to the series, but those Verigy links are now defunct. A search for “Hideo Okawara” using the Advantest websites’s search function will leave you empty handed, though that’s not surprising, corporate website search functions are universally terrible.

This is one of those cases where the tentacles of Google are a blessing: if it exists, chances are that they’ll find it.

Advantest may not think it’s worthwhile to catalog such a great learning resource, but I certainly do, so I spent a good hour trying to find as many links as I could.

The result is below, 7 out of 53 articles are missing. If anyone finds a link to one of the missing ones, let me know!

The articles are usually short, light on math, focus on intuitive understanding of concepts and terminology, and often contain a concerete examples. While the code uses the API of Advantest test equipment, it’s still a good starting point for your own experiments with numpy and scipy.

A great example is Episode 51, which talks about CIC Decimation and FIR Filtering. If I didn’t know any better (and if that article wasn’t written 8 years earlier), I could be tricked into thinking that he copied this FFT plot from one of my blog post!

Sigma-delta ADC FFT plot

So here it is for your reading pleasure: Hideo Okawara’s Mixed Signal Lecture Series.

Hideo Okawara’s Mixed Signal Lecture Series

Frequency/Phase Movement Analysis by Orthogonal Demodulation